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About us.

Inetex is a solution driven, customer focused organization. As our slogan says, we believe that every business has the ability to improve it's performance by updating it's Information Systems to the latest management solutions, infrastructure and IT services offered by us.

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Our Solutions.

Management Aid and Monitoring Solutions.

  • The ODIN System 
    The system in a management aid solution for the upper management. The target of this system is to bring your organization closer together by giving you better transparency over the organization's decisions and tasks throwout the organization tree. 
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  • The TDM  (Transportation Department Management) System
    TDM is a web based software solution for managing the Transportation department of your organization.It gives the user the ability to monitor the distance that the vehicle traveled and cross reference it with driver and time/date information. Its a simple solution and as such is easily adopted by the user.
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Our Services.

  • Inetex IT services
    Inetex team of IT personal will give your organization the solution it needs, weather on site as part of your day to day activities or by request, our dedicated team will provide the support to your computer systems and network. 

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  • Communication Infrastructure Planing, Development and Maintenance.
    Whether your organization has a working infrastructure or you need to design one for you organization , Inetex Network Infrastructure Service is the solution for you.

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Contact Details :

4979 Bathurt st. #516
Toronto, ON
M2R 1Y4
Phone:   1 (437) 887 5722
385 Place De La Louisiane #202
Montreal, QC
J4H 1A8
Phone:   1 (438) 875 5622
Fax:     1 (289) 637 9532